Everett C. Williams - Op/PopArt/PhotoPortraits/Social/Collage

My work visually explores how Race and Rhetoric distort images thru a symbiotic relationship of photo images, language and symbols (signs & codes) creating images that are artificial yet believable in the context of postmodernism. It is a social practice addressing issues of concern in the African American community.

I use portraiture as a tool along with language and symbols as devices for identity, historical, political and social commentary.

Appropriated or original photographic and graphic images are combined to produce “OP/POP Art” portraits and images. The digital medium was used in away where chance combinations of layers and blending programs were discovered & used like painting. I digitally dripped layers of images through each other producing one of a kind chance combinations. Colors & images become available in ways not seen before, altering the visual perceptions of the images as they play with the senses.

Painters like Paschke, Johns, Raushenberg, Rosenquist, Warhol and Carrie James Marshall have influenced my work.